Club Concierge Corp. Partner In Profit Program Agreement

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Legal Name + Operating/Store Name ( if applicable)

The Partner In Profit business will provide the following discounts and special offers subject to availability on purchases made by Club Concierge members via their KEY CARD, via Club customer service, or via internet, as applicable.

Please list the exact details of the Special Offer to our Members. List any added bonuses or discounts that you do not offer the general public.

This Agreement is valid from (enter date below) and will be automatically renewed on an annual basis unless terminated by either party providing four (4) weeks notice in writing . See Schedule “B” for Terms and Conditions

Please insert any other material term or conditions that refer to this offer. List any products or service that may be exlcuded from this offer.

I/We have read and understood and agree to the terms of "Schedule B" of this agreement. Shedule B can be located at Schedule can also be found via " download application" on our web site..

Please upload any logos that you would like displayed on our Secure Memebers Only Site

Please upload any additon files/ pictures (broduct brochures, menus etc.) that you would like displayed on our Secure Memebers Only Site